Harry’s Place – Colchester, CT

Harry’s Place is crowded.  All the time.  Get there early if want a lobster roll! (Connecticut style, hot…)

For 101 years, this place on the main drag in Colchester has been serving solid food to a contingent of townies and tourists. And I use the term “main drag,” because Harry’s has been sort of a moving target over those years.  It has moved from the main area of Colchester, near the town square to where it is now, with a couple of stops in between.  Some years ago, it was enlarged, but the owners really made an effort to retain its original roadside charm.  Bravo to that!

Like many drive-in type eateries, you go to the window to place your order and then wait for your name to be called.  Quaint and efficient at the same time!  And how’s the food?  Great.  The burgers, at least to my palate, taste like what burgers tasted like 50 years ago and are not gussied up with unnecessary frou-frou condiments!  The fries, in almost endless array of styles, are good, too.  And for the non-red meat eaters, grab a grilled chicken sandwich, but beware, they are huge!

Harry’s is the place to be on a hazy summer night in Eastern Connecticut!