The SCA – Society for Commercial Archeology

south dakota caveIt was around 1993 when I first encountered the SCA, though the roots of the organization go back to the mid-70s, around the time I was graduating from college.  I don’t recall how I stumbled on the group, but I will be forever grateful that I did.  Founded by like-minded people who had a passion for the American roadside, in particular its quirky architecture and culture, the group has been a steady force in trying to advocate for the preservation and scholarship in this area.

Just last week I was elected to the Board of Directors of the SCA and I am thrilled to be able to jump in with both feet and lend a hand.

Plans are afoot for another tour, but the details are not ready to be released as of yet.  At least some of you may have been part of these great events in the past.  My first was the Delaware Diner tour, followed by the South Dakota event a year later.  The cave image above is from that wonderful event which was based out of Rapid City.

So here’s hoping you’ll want to jump in and join us as well.  We’re always looking for new members like you, the kind of folks who are always up for a — road trip!